Welcome to my website!

I graduated in Political Science and obtained my PhD at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), where I’ve been working as lecturer of Comparative Politics, Basque and Spanish Political Systems, and Citizen Participation in the Department of Political Sciences since 2006. My research lines are Comparative Politics, Ethnic and National Conflicts, and Basque Politics. I’m a member of the Consolidate Research Group Parte Hartuz for democracy studies, and my academic work is mainly concerned with the political behavior, comparative nationalism and design of political institutions in divided societies. I’m author of several books, chapters of books and scientific articles. My last book (in Spanish) is the awarded “Patterns of Democracy in Spanish Autonomous Communities” (2012) and the last academic article “Catalonian Secessionism Made in Spain” (Ethnopolitics, 2013). Apart from academic work, I regularly appear on different mass media, mainly on Basque National Radio (Euskadi Irratia), Basque National TV  (Euskal Telebista) and Argia newsmagazine.

PS: The header image was taken in Novy Svet (Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine) on August 16, 2012.