Research lines

  • Comparative Politics: Patterns of Democracy; Power-Sharing; Comparative Government; Comparative Foreign Policy; and as a research method applied to the most of the following research lines:
  • Ethnic and National Conflicts: State Responses to Ethnic and National Diversity; Consociationalism/Power-sharing; Asymmetrical federalism; Federalism; Integrationism; Secessionism; Minority Rights; Nationalisms Without State.
  • Basque Politics: Conflict; Nationalism; Territoriality; Political Parties; Elections; Governments; Divided Society.
  • Electoral Studies: Electoral Systems/Voting Systems; Political Communication; Political Strategies.
  • Post-Socialist Europe: Eastern Europe; Latvia; Baltics; Russia; Balkans; Caucasus.
  • Democratic Innovation: Citizen Participation; Participatory Democracy; Direct Democracy; Decentralization.

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